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04 August 2009 @ 02:09 pm


. name: Annabelle
. nicknames: aki, akitan, akitasu, knaki, tonks
. sex: female
. birth: 1995.04.04 in France
. live in: north of france, London is nearer than Paris from my hometown
. live with: mom, one of my sisters & a cat.
. family: divorced parents, 2 older sisters (24 and 20 years old)
. eyes color: chocolate brown
. hair color: actually the name of my hair color is: brown clear purple intense mahogany. okay.
. height: 158cm
. weight: 44kg
. current relationship: i have a girlfriend.


. singers: shoko nakagawa, ami suzuki & regina spektor
. bands: LM.C, the beatles, arctic monkeys, coconut records
. composers: yasutaka nakata, harry gregson-williams
. song: "teddy picker" by arctic monkeys
. manga: mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch
. mangaka: hiromu arakawa
. anime: tengen toppa gurren lagann
. seiyuu: shoutarou morikubo ; nana mizuki
. manga character: kamina (ttgl)
. books: harry potter series, the chronicles of narnia series, bridget jones' diary, nick hornby's books
. movies: harry potter (prisoner of azkaban & ootp), narnia, about a boy, bridget jones' diary 
. TV shows: bones, eleventh hour, fringe, moonlight 
. actors: natalia tena, helena bonham carter, david thewlis, rupert grint
. colors: gold, purple, white, sky-blue
. flowers: hibiscus
. places: london, lyon, lille
. food: donuts, cookies, chupa chups, carambar, chocolate (cadbury pretty prease !)
. season: spring & winter
. weather: raining, sun shining
. animal: octopus & cat

→ I can be really obsessed by something.
→ I seem depressed, well actually I'm a happy/bouncy/hyperactive girl. rly!
→ I'm quite jealous with my girlfriend. Touch her and you're dead. That's my doctrine. D8
→ I can't stand the emo fashion wave, twattwilight, high school musical, paramore and all their shitty friends.
→ I'm a true-to-myself Tonks & Lupin Fangirl. Tonks Fangirl. Lupin fangirl. TONKS & LUPIN FANGIIIIIIRL !
→ My childhood hasn't been very funny. If I ever talk about it, know it's not easy to remember those kind of things.
→ I'm an intellectual precocious child. My I.Q is around 125-130.
→ I can't live without music & my iPod !
→ I love saying "bloody", "fucking", "what a". SOWY. 
Don't add me just for fun @_@
I'm French. But most of my entries will be in English.
We should have at least one POWERFUL common point if you want us to get along =)
I don't bite. I EAT. XD
I'm none of a mean girl who thinks she's the best. Don't be afraid, come in my arms !
Current Location: France, Paris
Current Music: The White Stripes - Little Acorns | Powered by Last.fm